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Heat DESTROYED My Type 4 Natural Hair!! | EfikZara

By May 3rd, 2022No Comments
Heat DESTROYED My Type 4 Natural Hair - EfikZara

Heat DESTROYED My Type 4 Natural Hair!! | EfikZara

Zara is back on CurlyNikki! She’s a fabulous naturalista who shares her natural hair journey with her followers. That includes more than 170K subscribers (aka ZeeStarz) on her EfikZara YouTube channel!

A few years ago, our girl Zara suffered MAJOR heat damage to her type 4 natural hair – EEK!! No worries, though! She got past it and over the course of a couple of years, she was able to take her natural hair back to healthy and TOTALLY poppin’! Plus, she was able to retain length the whole time.

Find out how right now ⇒ JUMP INTO THE VIDEO!!

Or, keep scrolling and reading as we give you the main deets on:

  • What Zara’s type 4 natural hair was like before the heat damage.
  • How she managed to totally fry her lovely head of hair.
  • How she returned her hair to its former glory.

Along the way, we’ll link you to some very useful related content here on CurlyNikki. So, keep reading!

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What Zara’s type 4 natural hair was like before heat damage

Zara’s natural hair journey, as she likes to share with the ZeeStarz (see intro!), has been all about growing long, healthy, thriving hair. With plenty of emotion, she tells us that before the truly traumatic event, her natural hair was:

  • Fine and really dense
  • Super dark and super shiny
  • Very resilient
  • Super bouncy with very well-defined curls

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How Zara managed to fry her lovely head of hair

Heat DESTROYED My Type 4 Natural Hair - EfikZara

Zara absolutely LOVES protective styling as a way to grow long hair fast. BUT, it was actually how she had one particular protective style installed that set her severe heat damage experience into motion. (Find out exactly what that style was in the video!)

After taking down the style, she realized her beautiful, coily curl pattern was simply gone – nowhere in sight! And, her once vibrant hair was now thinning, dull, and lifeless.

To make matters worse, Zara perpetuated the heat damage by continuing to blow dry her ailing tresses. She even went the route of getting her coily coils straightened – major, MAJOR bad idea! All that heat and going with the wrong protective styling over the period of a couple of years was a recipe for natural hair disaster.

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How Zara returned her type 4 natural hair to its former glory

Going with a big chop and giving her hair a completely fresh start was not an option Zara considered. That’s not surprising, since her natural hair journey is focused on length retention.

Sooo, getting her type 4 natural hair back to its pre-fried state took her a couple of years. She details exactly how she did it in the video, sharing both photos and video footage of her hair along the way.

Although cutting her hair was off the cards, Zara makes sure to point out she routinely trimmed the damaged ends. What else did she do? Well, now you really will have to watch the video!! Enjoy!!

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Heat DESTROYED My Type 4a/4b/4c Natural Hair!!


A young woman of many talents, Zara (popularly known as EfikZara) is a professional violinist and composer. Aside from her primary career, Zara is a cinematographer with more than 17 years of experience. She is also a passionate healthy hair advocate with over 12 years of experience caring for her natural hair and the natural hair of her loved ones.

More than a decade ago, reading the stories of women on inspired her to go natural and now she’s sharing her story with hundreds of thousands of people, around the world!

Get more hair and beauty tips from Zara on CurlyNikki, HERE!

Have you ever experienced heat damage to your curly hair? How did you handle it? Tell us!

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