My fam is still in town and yesterday I forced requested that Aunt Toney (fellow natural diva, henna’er and Twist-n-Curl rocker) take my new Wash & Go routine for a test drive.  She used Tresemme to detangle, rinsed thoroughly and then applied Living Proof’s Thickening Cream prior to plopping.  She then added As I Am gel to the frizzy bits along the crown, dried for a while under the bonnet and now…

She’s sexy!

 LOL! But seriously, she really loves the results.  Like me, she hadn’t rocked her fine, single-strand-knot prone hair in a Wash & Go since like 2007… it’s a good look on her!

Now, in #RandomAssNews…

Remember this retro insult?

‘…that’s why yo momma wears combat boots!’

Takes you back to the playground, doesn’t it?  That throwback diss was popular when I was in middle school and to this day, well… I don’t get it.  Someone school me please!  At any rate, I took it there because the other day my Dad retorted, ‘Gia’s Momma really does wear combat boots…and in the summer, hahaha…’ Yeah, yeah, yuck it up.  Y’all know I go through phases and go harder than a mug on one thing or another and since last fall, that thing’s been my black Steve Madden Boots. I’ve worn them to the club, to several beaches (I can explain) and almost… like I came really super close, to rocking them to Hubby’s graduation (Syl wouldn’t let me out the house) and the E.P.I.C. NYC Meetup (Hubby wouldn’t let me out the house).  Seriously, I wear them everyday and saved a ton this summer on pedicures.

At any rate, I was walking through Macy’s last week and looky what I found…

 Yeah buddy! Momma’s got a new pair of boots!#ChargeItToTheGame #Troopa


We left the boys and Boog at home to go on a Happy Valley adventure and found ourselves at Mount Nittany Vineyard and Winery.  My first ever winery experience.

Scenic drive. Beautiful estate. Just enough wine to induce a raging headache.

The view- 

’bout to partake in the hair of the dog that bit my butt earlier.