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On Her LaLaLoopsy- Gia’s Curlformer Adventures

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
On Her LaLaLoopsy- Gia's Curlformer Adventures

I’ve used Curlformers on and off for the last 3 years, relying on them heavily in the cooler months when I’m protective styling to give me smoother, longer lasting up-dos.  I’ve learned that you get #WayMoreDoper results with soaking wet hair, small sections (dries faster and sets smoother) and less product. Also, the slippier the leave-in, the better. At any rate, as GiaDiva is my hair twin, I couldn’t wait to see how they’d treat her!

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I’ve been wanting to try it for weeks, but the procrastination, and the fact that wash day is already off the chain kept pushing the experiment further and further off.  Finally, after she wore her mostly empty oatmeal bowl as a hat, it was time.

So, without further ado, here’s how to Curlformer a 3 year old-

1. Gather and organize the arsenal. For this situation, I used Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Shampoo and Conditioner, Oyin’s Hair Dew, Cosmetic Grade Mineral Oil (CGMO), Ouidad’s Double Detangler, Curlformers (long and wide) and all but my last nerve. You’ll also need a couple of towels and a pillow. Optional: Get a utility belt that holds all of the bottles you’ll need to get that Batwoman look. Although…that probably doesn’t exist yet. Oooh! *creates Kickstarter account*

2. I realize this step will sound a lot like an excerpt from a Mafia “How-to” manual, but just keep reading. Drag a highchair over to the sink and turn it so that the tray faces the sink. Wrap a pillow in one of the towels. Place baby girl on the tray of the high chair, and lean her back toward the sink, propping her up on the towel covered pillow. Give her another towel to cover her eyes with when the water works start.
Note: This step keeps the ultra-unnerving, the-neighbors-done-called-child-services type screams to a minimum.  In fact, after her initial tears and reservations, we sang songs and listened to Nate go in on ‘Some Nights’.  Very pleasant. 

3. Gently wash and condition her hair, detangling with your fingers, only after Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa conditioner has worked its magic. Next I follow up with the Ouidad Double Detangler to remove any rogue knots.

4. Rinse thoroughly and apply a generous amount of Oyin’s Hair Dew and a light layer of CGMO to seal in the yumminess.

5. Separate the hair into 4 sections and begin applying Curlformers, loading up the wand with a new one immediately after applying one… keeps things moving quickly and seamlessly.  She was so happy that the wash and detangling process was over that she cared not during the entire roller process.
Note: This is a good time to employ a LeapaPad, iPad, Nick Jr or the like. 

6. Allow to airdry fully. Convinced it was Halloween and she was dressed as Nick Jr’s LaLaLoopsy, she left the rollers alone and only cried when she wanted to take a nap but couldn’t lay down due to the combersome nature of the situation. I sympathized. #iHatePrettySleep

After 4 hours, I removed the rollers and she ran around the house whipping her hair and running her fingers through it.  Feeling. Her. Self. When Daddy came home, she waited for him to notice her and when he purposefully withheld commentary, she smiled at him and said, ‘Dada, look at me! What do you think?!’  Later that night I put her in two milkmaid braids and tied on a silk scarf.  Good experience all around.  It is my hope that this set will last us at least 2 or 3 weeks.


About the set- The results always put me in the mind of an old school Press & Curl. It takes all the bulk out of the hair (at least on fine hair) and makes it look thinner and scalpier (unlike a blow-out) which doesn’t make for tremendous, high messy buns. I do, however, appreciate how straight it gets the hair… especially the edges and roots, with NO HEAT! It’s almost bizarre.

 Also, if you don’t use heat to set, and you wear it down, your hair will frizz. Very quickly. No matter the products you used.  This is why I promptly pull the hair into a protective style.  I’ve never worn the actual Curlformer set out of the house.

About Curlformers- They’re perfect for the habitual protective styler, easy to find (at your local Sally’s), but be prepared to disrespect your finances.  #JustSaying

On Her LaLaLoopsy- Gia's Curlformer Adventures

On Her LaLaLoopsy- Gia's Curlformer Adventures
At soccer class today.  This is her Momma-I-Know-You-Didn’t-Forget-My-Water face. 
My favorite moment? When she repeatedly chanted, ‘go Gia, go! or ‘Gia can do it, Gia can do it!’ as she gingerly ran down the field toward the goal.  #MyChild

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