While getting dressed this morning for Dr. Anderson’s picnic, Gia kept singing ‘sunnnnny days…’

My mom naturally assumed she was singing ‘Sesame Street’ and joined in with, ‘sweeping the clouds away!’

Gia, giving some serious side eye action at the unauthorized background vocals, sang ‘everybody loves them… can you stand the rain’. Momma nearly passed out. She was like, who’s got this child listening to New Edition?! #BlackParents

#ICannot with her lately.  The cape situation has been real since Six Flags, and she only lets me remove it when she’s worried about it getting wet, muddy or otherwise sullied.  She’s like… Super Priss.

In other news, I followed the same damp/dry twisting regimen (for big hurr) but used Elucence as the setting conditioner. I created 9 twists and rolled the rods all the way up to my roots.  I love the results, but think I still prefer Oyin Hair Dew because the moisture situation is (thus far) unmatched. Also, you can’t see them, but the roots are getting rude.  I’m way overdue for an abbreviated henna gloss treatment... it probably won’t happen until after the move, tho. 
Also, can you tell that me and this scarf will never part? I walked into Target a couple of weeks ago for paper towels and walked out with this situation. It’s kinda my favorite thing.  I feel #fancy. 
Later Gators,