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Curly Nikki

Happy Mother’s Day (and Birthday) to Me!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Happy Mother's Day (and Birthday) to Me!
#WhoGonDetangleItTho #GrandmaSaidSheWould

Hola Chicas!

Dr. Daddy be on it.  On it.

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He surprised me, my momma, his momma… the whole damn fam!  I had resolved to spend Mother’s Day and my 31st birthday (May 12th) in Happy Valley– sacrificing our usual May plans (i.e., the international shenanigans and hometown quality time) for an upcoming and much welcomed relocation in June.  I had told everyone not to expect to see us until early Fall.  But after some hasty packing (like I literally threw all of our personal effects in various size totes for the movers), Hubby upped and whisked the Boogs and I away at the last minute to celebrate in the LOU!

So I’m hurr here and all of my Bday and Mother’s Day cards are sitting in our mailbox back in PA, ha!  We were welcomed with joyful tears (like they hadn’t just seen us in February, so dramatic, my people) and will keep the party going today with red plastic cups and burnt hotdogs.  I’m. So. Excited.  This morning, Momma took Boog to church to pray for the rest of us and I just had to snap a pic for y’all. According to the report, she sang and danced, clapped her hands, fellowshipped and when I asked her who told her she looked pretty, she replied, ‘Everyone’.

Happy Mother’s Day, y’all! May your signifiant others and kids turn up for you!

Later Gators,

Happy Mother's Day (and Birthday) to Me!

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