Beach bumming, that is.

I was back on Coki by 10 this morning– luxuriating and things of that nature.  Did it proper this time, tho– iPad reading, local folk meeting, whole-fish eating, rum drink sipping (sorry liver), beach chair lounging… and after surviving the treacherous journey back up the mountain to our flat, we’re napping. Well, everyone but me.  I’m here, with you 🙂  But not for long, ’cause I gotta hit the reset button for my date night with Dr. Daddy. #BirthdayEdition

Peep the View!>>>

Boogie clocked in and went straight to work #CastlesMadeOfSand

when we got back to the beach today, she yelled, ‘Honey, I’m home!’ #BoutThatIslandLife


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