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Curly Nikki

How I Found ‘Inner Peace’ to Achieve ‘Outer Abundance’

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How I Found 'Inner Peace' to Achieve 'Outer Abundance'

Hola Chica,


You hear that, or nah?

If not, cut the volume on your phone (or computer) up a little bit.

Now can you hear it? Listen carefully.  What do you hear?

Nothing?  I know. #SorryNotSorry

I bet some of y’all were worried I had either added an autostart meditation track to the blog, or I’d completely lost my shit and went all Coming to America on you–

How I Found 'Inner Peace' to Achieve 'Outer Abundance'

But really tho, when you were genuinely trying to listen for the sound I was referring to, didn’t your inner noise go ghost?  Your inner world was still, as awareness searched for the sound you couldn’t hear.  

In a previous post, I asked you to ‘listen for a sound you can’t hear’, or to ask yourself, ‘I wonder what my next thought will be?’ and then wait in a quiet, alert manner.  These tools, along with ‘facelessness‘ and ‘looking #LikeACamera‘ are different ways to deliver you to the kingdom within– to help you realize your silent center (the one that we all share).  So pick the tool that works for you and ride that joint ’til the wheels fall off.

This silence is within you and all around you.  You can call it stillness or space or presence, or God or Self, but it’s ever present, boundless and entirely effortless.  And the more you place your attention on this loud silence, the more obvious it is. It becomes your primary experience. That’s all you have to do to realize inner peace, and that’s what Eckhart was going on about for the majority of yesterday’s post.

A couple of points from yesterday (read it if you haven’t!)

How I Found 'Inner Peace' to Achieve 'Outer Abundance'

1. Just listen. 
In yesterday’s post Eckhart mentions Joel Goldsmith’s book, ‘The Art of Spiritual Healing‘. Cop that. He’s on some real levels. #NonDuality #ForChristiansTho

In ‘The Art of Spiritual Healing’ he shares a quick anecdote about Thomas A. Edison and the proper way to use the mind–  ‘Almost always Edison is pictured with his hand up to his ear in an attitude of intense listening.  Those who worked with him in the lab have recounted story after story of how he would give them an experiment to work on, which they would carry out as far as they could, and then they would call upon him for assistance.  Immediately, Edison’s hand would go up to his ear, he would listen, and then give directions as to the next step.’  

Dope, right?! Edison wasn’t using his mind as a creative faculty he was using it as an instrument of awareness.  The mind is an instrument for something higher than itself. That ‘something’ is your True Self.  The God within.  – Joel GoldSmith 

You should have a ‘listening attitude’ most of the day. And unless you’re doing something super intensive like your taxes, or carefully taking down twists, you can make this practice the most important thing in your life.  This listening attitude comes with lots of nice side effects too, like inner peace, natural good feels and… the manifestation of outer abundance!  So stop talking to yourself, stop talking to God or the Universe and start listening.

How I Found 'Inner Peace' to Achieve 'Outer Abundance'

2. You are God appearing as ‘magical-black-girl-with-awesome-hair’:
Eckhart says, ‘Duality is implied in the usual prayer. It implies that there is God, and here is me, asking God. That duality is ultimately an illusion, because you are an expression of God. You and God merge. The deepest prayers, then, are no longer prayers as such. They are when you adopt a listening attitude rather than a saying of words.’  

You don’t have to believe Eckhart. You don’t have to believe me.  Because the more you practice making the experience of silence, of presence, of your ‘I am-ness’, the primary perception in your life, the more you’ll come to realize that you and God/Consciousness are one.  “I and my father are one”.  Not two.

You (and every object, person and animal that shows up in ‘your’ awareness) are God appearing as _______.  You and me and every thing else, share the same basic essence. – The Infinite Way, Joel Goldsmith 

If you practice this recognition, moment to moment, then the next time your husband is getting on your nerves, you’ll be able to look past his appearance and recognize that he’s God appearing as ‘loud-chewing-husband’, and THAT ladies, is unconditional love!  That is compassion. So for the rest of today, try to see your boss, your co-workers, the homeless man on the corner, the driver in the car next to you in traffic, your daughter and your spouse, as nothing but God appearing as _______, and watch how peaceful life becomes.  Who is there to hate, to be jealous of, to feel superior to? It’s all you, boo.

And if it’s all You, do you even need to ask for anything? Petitionary prayers are replaced with a recognition of a fullness, a peace within.

Bottom line: Non-duality is your ticket to inner peace.  And that inner peace appears as the necessary ‘outer’ things in the mirror of your life.  It becomes ridiculously and awesomely clear that inner peace is the source of your outer abundance.

How I Found 'Inner Peace' to Achieve 'Outer Abundance'

3. You are not creating anything.  I’m not a fan of the typical Law of Attraction teachings.  From my own personal experience, you aren’t attracting anything to yourself.  Creation is complete.  Everything that ever could be, already is and always will be.  You’re simply allowing more and more of ‘reality’ to be revealed to you, to be experienced by your senses. Manifestation is simply making the invisible, visible.

In that vein, affirmations aren’t recited today to make them true tomorrow, they’re recited today as an acknowledgment of the truth today, here and now.  Affirmations (and visualizations) aren’t practices you do to pull diamond rings and new Mercedes’ out of thin air– they’re tools to help you practice the feeling place (right here and right now) of whatever it is you’re seeking.  As Betinho Massaro says, ‘It is extracting that excitement from the symbol (the future projection) into the now.’ Otherwise you’d be affirming and visualizing from a place of lack.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes about this topic (I changed ‘Forest of Dean’ to ‘Washington D.C.’to make it relatable)-

‘The art of consciously creating your life is as easy as going from A to B. In fact, it’s even easier; it’s precisely the same as going from A to A.’ If you’re in Washington D.C. and you want to go to Washington D.C., what do you have to do? How can you get there? When you’re in Washington D.C., what do you need to do in order to be in Washington D.C.? All is one, and your intentions, whatever you want to create are all here and now, right where you are; so how are you going to bring them into your life? Yes it’s really as easy as going from A to A.’  – The Best Book on Creating Your Life Ever, Graham Ellis

Replace ‘Washington D.C.’ with any of your intentions, desires or goals.  All you have to do is realize that it’s here, now. There’s no where to go and nothing to do but realize it and be thankful.  That’s why gratitude is so important!  It’s all there is.

All you have to do is realize that you are that, already. The end.  Or as Eckhart would say, ‘It works most powerfully when you realize that it is already a reality on the unseen level. It’s already there. And when you fully realize it’s already a reality, you feel the power of it. Then the feeling you have when you look at a treasure map or a vision board is no different from the feeling you have when it actually comes into manifestation.’

Remember that ‘feeling’ he’s referring to, those natural good feels, there’s only one kind and you can feel it right now (it’s totally separate from your current circumstances/situation/moment appearing).  It’s all the evidence you need to know your ‘outer abundance’ is becoming visible. Once you start going inward just because it feels right and good, the ‘stuff’ you’ve been asking for will show up in the mirror of your life. Once you stop looking to the mirror to fulfill you, the mirror fills up with all the stuff you want and need.

Later Gators,

p.s. remember. you don’ want stuff you want feels.

p.p.s. Stay woke.  ‘Many times Jesus talked about staying awake, that’s a very important part of his teaching – stay awake, don’t go to sleep, stay present’.- Eckhart Tolle

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