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Curly Nikki

#Delivert | When You Trust Amazon More Than God

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
blessings showing up like… 
#Delivert | When You Trust Amazon More Than God

Hola Chica,

Real quick– 
Last year, I ordered an exercise bike from Amazon…that I’ve only used twice, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.  Anyway,  at some point during the 3 days it took to arrive, I had an epiphany and proceeded to text it out with my favorite #wokeAF human,  Nookie.  
#Delivert | When You Trust Amazon More Than God
Moral of the story– you’re generally unconcerned about Amazon and FedEx’s ability to deliver your stuff.  You know it’s coming. The end.  But you stay worried that The Universe is gonna leave your stuff on the porch so someone can take it.  You experience anxiety ’cause you think God is gonna lose your stuff in route.  Or worse, you think the All That Is will withhold your stuff because you’re unworthy.  
When you order something from Amazon, it looks like this– 
1. “I think I want an exercise bike…”
2. Go to Amazon, browse the selection, order the one that fits your needs
3. Wait patiently in positive expectation 
4. It arrives (even if it doesn’t, you know you’re gonna get your shit eventually, or a refund) 
5. The end.

When you want to manifest a new home/car/career/lifestyle, it looks like this– 
1. ‘I think I want that... can I really have that? Who am I kidding… that would never happen to me.  I need to save up first, go back to school first, get a promotion first, make more money first, make a vision board first, visualize real hard, repeat affirmations ad nauseam, concentrate, fix myself, think positive, ready myself, look for signs that it’s coming…’, and any other number of unnecessary pre-requisites you place on making your goal a reality.

#Delivert | When You Trust Amazon More Than God
2. Where it at, tho? (it’s still here, but you can’t see it)
3. Repeat steps (1) and (2) 
The difference is that you feel like the latter, the new home/car/career/lifestyle is something BIG. It’s BIG STUFF.  You feel like it’s something that doesn’t exist yet… something that you have to create.  It’s not just something you can whip out your debit card and handle right quick.  You feel like it’s going to take TIME and EFFORT and maybe even a miracle.  But those are just beliefs! Just thoughts that you believe.  
So how ’bout you replace those beliefs with the knowledge that creation is already complete and everything that ever was, is or could be is already yours because you are that, ‘I am’.  You just have to allow what you want, to become visible to you.  You have to allow more of what you are to be revealed to you.  People usually employ the use of affirmations, visualizing and goal writing to help manifest the BIG STUFF, but these are just permission slips to allow yourself to have what you want (more of yourself).  “You can write down the steps to your goal. Then do the steps. Then achieve your goals. But the goal doesn’t really manifest because of the steps you took, but because of your belief that these steps will lead to the goal.”- J. Fredrickson 
Remember, affirmations aren’t recited today to make them true tomorrow, they’re recited today as an acknowledgment of the truth today, here and now. Affirmations (and visualizations) aren’t practices you do to pull diamond rings and new Mercedes’ out of thin air– they’re tools to help you practice the feeling place (right here and right now) of whatever it is you’re seeking.  You bring the excitement of the BIG STUFF into your present reality and then life takes care of the rest.  
That’s the secret guys.  Your desire for the BIG STUFF can be looked at as a call from home.  A call from the source of what you are, to reconnect with the kingdom within.  This is why the reconnecting feels so good.  And once you’re basking in those peaceful, joyful, blissful, natural good feels, the really awesome things that were once invisible, become visible.  They may not be the exact BIG STUFF you had in mind, but that’s the thing… “what life has in store for us is never what we think. Thinking is rarely grand enough!“- Frank Kinslow
So sit back, become aware of the natural good feels, and trust that it’s being handled.   

Later Gators,

p.s. remember,  you don’t actually want stuff, you want feels.

p.p.s. follow Nookie on Instagram!! @nuke_da_duke_of_fitness_   check out his weight loss journey and tell him I sent you!  

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