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Stop Natural Hair Breakage, Now!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Stop Natural Hair Breakage, Now!

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by Sabrina Perkins of

There are just some hair maintenance “musts” that one must do to ensure they keep healthy hair. Some are no-brainers like washing hair while others seem counter-productive. Believe me when I say it is like pulling teeth to get some to understand the importance of a biggie like hair trims.

Hair trims are important to any successful hair care routine. For women with natural hair, keeping up with a regular trimming schedule is critical for preventing damage and maintaining length. However, far too many naturals fail to understand just how important it is to keep up with a regular trimming schedule. Here are 5 reasons why you need to stop skipping your trims and make them priority.

If you struggle with excessive detangling of your natural hair, chances are you’re in need of a trim, you are not moisturizing enough or allowing for tangles to fester too long. Trimming your hair regularly makes the detangling process so much easier as split or raggedy ends tangle more than clean ends. When the ends of your hair are not properly cared for, detangling can cause breakage and leads to more shedding.

I know it is time for a trim when my tangles become worse than usual and that’s around twice a year. Your hair usually tells you when it is time. If you manipulate your hair a lot, color and use heat you will need to trim more often than someone like me who is low-key and barely uses color and no heat.

It may not seem unreasonable at first, but trimming your hair regularly actually helps your hair to retain its length. When you trim damaged ends it prevents splits from spreading upward along the hair shaft. If you go too long without a trim, you may need to cut more hair than you would have if you’d kept up a regular trimming schedule.

Nothing makes a twist-out or wash and go look worse than frayed, weathered ends. If you’ve just cut your hair into an amazing new style, keeping your ends trimmed regularly will ensure that your cut looks fresh and new for months down the line. A trim will make your hair look like a million bucks and that’s no exaggeration.

The main advantage to keeping up with regular hair trims is that it prevents damage or further damage to the hair. Knots, shedding and split ends are all reduced by getting hair trims in regular intervals. These types of hair problems can often lead to breakage. By keeping trims regular you put a stop to continued breakage and hair loss.

Some people think that hair trims encourage hair growth. While this may not be true, hair does respond positively to regular trims. When trimmed regularly, hair gives of the appearance of health and styles look neat, polished and ends seal better.

How often do you trim?

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