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Here Are 3 Benefits of Pampering Yourself

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Here Are 3 Benefits of Pampering Yourself

by Mary Wolff

It is important to take care of yourself. While you might spend a good amount of time taking care of your strands as a curly girl, what about the other important ways to treat yourself right? Well, let’s look at some of the benefits of pampering yourself.

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Why Bother?

Because the benefits of pampering yourself are too good to miss out on, that’s why! If life is constantly busy, crazy, and just too much to handle, it is time to step up your pampering game. Studies have shown that there are a ton of reasons to pamper yourself to stay healthy and happy. Here a few of the biggest ones.

1. Better Stress Management 

This one is a biggie for most people.  With work, kids, family responsibilities, relationships, and just life in general putting pressure on you on a daily basis, it’s no wonder you are feeling the stress. People who routinely make the time to pamper themselves are reported to have an easier time dealing with stress without letting it overwhelm them according to an article from Power to Change. Check out the full details here,

2. Improved Relationships

Feel like you are fighting with your significant other or kids all the time? Do you feel like your girlfriends are constantly starting in on you? As much I want to tell you it is all their fault, chances are, you are just as much to blame. People who don’t make pampering a priority have higher levels of stress and the first thing to suffer are the interpersonal relationships. In fact, according to Shape Magazine, “Men and women with self-loving better halves tend to be more satisfied in their relationships than those with self-critical partners, according to research from the University of Texas at Austin.” So, if you want to show your partner, friends, or family some love, love yourself first by getting your pampering on! Read more about this from Shape Magazine here,

3. Boosted Immunity 

As if those first two aren’t big enough reasons to pamper yourself, your immune system stands to benefit from taking that TLC time. For example, several sources, such as the article found here show that people who regularly treat themselves to massages get the cold and flu less often than those who skip the pampering session. Regular pamperers also have less inflammation, more restful sleep, and an improved body image.

What are some ways to pamper? 

This is so important for keeping muscles relaxed. You should aim for a massage at least a few times year, more often if possible. Massages are shown to lower stress, improve circulation, lower joint and muscle pain, and help with sleeping better. Talk about a win-win!


Keeping your nails properly cared for is about more than looking pretty. Your nails are vulnerable to damage when they are left uncared for, especially the sensitive cuticles. You could end up with an infection that damages your nail beds. No one wants that mess! Make sure you give your nails the proper care they deserve with weekly manicures and pedicures. It also helps your hands and feet to look younger and who doesn’t love looking younger?


I know you might occasionally do facials at home, but splurging on a professional one should still be part of the pampering plan. Hear me out on this one, my DIY fanatics. Getting a professional facial means individual attention by someone specializing in skin. They might see a problem you can’t or even better, they might know just what you need to take your skin to the next level. Also, getting professional strength exfoliation, deep cleansing, and hydration can never be a bad thing!

When it comes to pampering yourself, there are many reasons to do it and many different ways to spend that self-care time.  Do what feels good for you and put yourself first for a change!

Share more ways to pamper yourself in the comments!

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