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This Woman Says #SaggyBoobsMatter & We Couldn’t Agree More

This Woman Says #SaggyBoobsMatter & We Couldn't Agree More
Chidera Eggerue by @michaelatphotos for @blogosphere_magazine

By Erickka Sy Savané

If you’ve ever felt bad because of saggy boobs, this one’s for you Boo!

Full disclosure, my boobs started sagging when I was in high school, maybe even sooner. I was a chunky kid who grew out of her weight by high school so when the weight dropped, so did my boobs. To make matters worse, I became a fashion model in New York where skinny girls with perky boobs reigned supreme. While it seemed that every other girl was walking the streets or the runway braless, I never left home without one, and that just got further cemented when I breastfed my two daughters. So saggy boobs has been something that I’ve come to accept as my lot in life, just like my second toe is longer than my first. And now London-based Chidera comes along turning the saggy boob conversation on its bra-straps, saying that a cat is no longer a cat, and for a woman like me, I couldn’t be happier.

This Woman Says #SaggyBoobsMatter & We Couldn't Agree More
Ain’t no shame in Chidera’s game! Via IG
Listen to this young woman’s interview below and hear how she went from being determined to get a breast lift at 18 years old, to celebrating what society as a whole considers a major flaw. Because truth is, you may not be struggling with low-riding boobs, but there’s probably something that society is saying is wrong with you and this may be the voice you need to hear! 

This Woman Says #SaggyBoobsMatter & We Couldn't Agree More
Chidera loving herself As Is.

So Ladies, do saggy boobs matter? Do you have the courage to do this?

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